Let’s be honest here, kids can be a handful and when you get a group of them together with their friend’s things can get out of hand very quickly so organising and hosting a kid’s party can be a nightmare.
So why not let someone else plan, host and cater your child’s birthday party for you?
At Illawarra Inflatable Play Centre we specialise in giving your child and their friends the time of their lives through the magic of our inflatable playground, which includes jumping castles, huge slides and so much more.
We know there are a lot of choices out there but here are the reasons you should choose us.
1. Affordable
If you were to host your own party at your home or a public area you’d have to pay for food, drinks and entertainment for the kids, plus any other extra expenses as well. This can send your bill sky high, but here at Illawarra Inflatable Play Centre we take away that stress and replace it with fun and affordable party packages.
We have different options of party packages that not only fit your budget but your timeframe since we host both weekday parties and weekend parties, all of which come at two levels of pricing to give you exactly what you need for the price you want.
2. Healthy play and exercise
One thing that worries parents these days is that their kids aren’t as active as they’d like them to be with their gaming consoles and phones, they seem more open to sitting and playing those. That won’t happen here since all our activities involve running, jumping and climbing which promote good muscle development and a healthy dose of cardio for your child.
Having fun while exercising is a good mentality for your child to have and that’s precisely what we provide here.
3. Something for the parents as well
Some parents would like to play with their children at the playground, but we know others may have had a long week at work and just want to relax, well we have you covered there with our very own café located right near the play centre.
You can enjoy an excellent cup of coffee and talk to your friends while your kids tire themselves our playing on our jumping castles and running up and down our slides.

Planning and hosting a kid’s party can be a daunting task so why not let us take on that burden?
We’re open 7 days a week and will book you a time that fits your schedule, and we guarantee your child will have the time of their lives playing in our inflatable play centre.
If you’re interested in booking a party or just want to ask a question call us on 42752929, and while you’re at it jump on over to our Instagram and Facebook accounts and see photos of the incredible world of inflatable magic.

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