Here at Inflatable Play Centre, we love seeing the joy of both kids and parents/guardians during a party.

We have fun towering slides, obstacle courses, and bounce houses for the kids to enjoy. Even as parents/guardians, we can all appreciate the nostalgia a play centre can bring us from our childhoods. Kids from Wollongong and all around the Illawarra love playing here.

Thereโ€™s really nothing like hearing the joyous laughter and panting of children enjoying the play centre.

We believe play centres will never get old or outdated.

There are so many benefits for having a kids party at Inflatable Play Centre.

Here are just 7 benefits of kids parties at Inflatable Play Centre:


Benefit 1: Affordable

We have a great variety of party package options available. From our Weekday Budget Party Package all the way to our Private Party Package, affordability & delicious catering for children is available. Click here to view all of our packages.


Benefit 2: Safety

Inflatable Play Centre understands safety for all kids in the Wollongong region. We follow careful standards and measures to ensure your kids are not only having the best fun, but that they are also safe.


Benefit 3: Fun

Having fun is vital for a kids party. Your kids are guaranteed to have the time of their lives here. We occasionally have special guests like Superman to make the party even more fun.


Benefit 4: Location

We are located at 2/243 Shellharbour Road, Warrawong NSW 2502. We are conveniently located to be easily accessible to residents from all over. That means that whether youโ€™re from North Wollongong or Shellharbour, we are always nearby.


Benefit 5: No Cleaning

As a parent/guardian, being at a kids party sure can get tiring. At the end, the last thing youโ€™d want to do is clean up. Having your kids party at Inflatable Play Centre means no clean up is required for you.


Benefit 6: Relax

Having a kids party at home usually comes with running around while looking after kids. This can drain you and you might not have a great time. At Inflatable Play Centre, you rest while we work.


Benefit 7: The Best Memories

What is life without good memories? When we reflect back on our lives, we remember the great times. We remember the fantastic memories that spark nostalgia and joy. At Inflatable Play Centre, youโ€™re guaranteed to build memories which will last a life-time.

There we have it – 7 benefits of hosting your next kids party at Inflatable Play Centre. There are many other benefits, but they cannot all fit into one blog post.

What is your favourite thing about having a kids party at a play centre?

Feel free to reach out to the team here at Inflatable Play Centre through our contact form, (02) 4275 2929, or email us at We appreciate any feedback, so we can improve Inflatable Play Centre for the kids of the Illawarra and beyond.

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