Bouncy Castles and inflatable play centers are super attractive to children and an indispensable part of any large kids party. Because they are large, they magnify and bring substance to an event. Inflatable bouncy attraction is a must-have accessory if there are children involved.

Are They Safe?

However, questions arise in regards to the safety quite frequently because it just seems so dangerous on the flipside with all the pace! People, especially parents are now asking, are jumping castles safe? To better understand safety of jumping castles is entirely dependent upon how it was set up and prepared and whether they were set by professionals or just a DIY effort. Most of the accidents involving bouncy and inflatable play centers are caused by the children themselves bouncing off and hitting other children. Many of these accidents can be prevented by vigilant and effective adult supervision. As an operator or as a customer here are a few outlines for things done to ensure the safety of your child.

For Operators

As an operator, the safety of your jumping castles can be incredibly important to your business growth. This is not just to make sure you do not pay for public liability insurance but also for the reputation of your business. However, this is only secondary to the compared to the priority of keeping your customers, which are children, safe from harm. As an Operator, you should have a record of these items handy and know them by heart before renting out your bouncy castles to eager children.

● Maximum users
● Previous safety inspections, the regularity of inspections, and the legal requirements that relate to this
● Any other features or items that are required for the use of this inflatable
● What constitutes unsuitable weather conditions and what to do in these conditions
● Necessary anchorage
● The size of the inflatable
● Appropriate locations and surfaces for the inflatable

Ensure that you and your staff know all the appropriate answer to these questions and list to ensure that you are up to standard and code for operating this kind of business.

For Customers

Before hiring a company that does the service, make sure you are hiring from a reputable company by doing a little digging and comparing them from each other. Make sure that the equipment is set up, operated and supervised by the company’s own staff as they would be the experts on these. Before hiring, go over this list with them.

● Fully complies with the safe use and operation of play inflatables
● Employees are suitably experienced and well-trained adult personnel, where the company is responsible for the setting up, operation and supervision of the bouncy castle
● Provides evidence of a current Public Liability insurance policy

This should cover the basics for the safety of the equipment and it is strongly advised not to operate this equipment personally and by unqualified people.

Wrapping It Up

Bouncy castles are here to stay and will remain children’s favorite in any party or large gathering. By effective adult supervision of our own kids and with professionalism we can prevent accidents and injuries.

For more information regarding child safety at the inflatable play centre feel free to contact our support team.

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