Kids always seem like they have endless energy and it can be tough to find activities that both help release that energy and do it constructively.

The challenge these days is to find an activity that is more fun and appealing than their phones, tablets, game consoles and computers. This is especially difficult because they have grown up on them and think it is the norm to play on them 24/7, and while there is an argument that this has some benefits you still want them to be active.

Some benefits of keeping your kids active are

Using up their energy

If kids don’t use up their excess energy, they may become mischievous and loud because they have all this leftover energy and need to let it out, and this can often happen at night when you’re trying to get them to go to sleep.


It’s so important for your kids to socialise with other kids since it helps them build the basic foundations of friendships which will help them later in life. Also, kids with friends are often happier and engaging than those who are isolated.

Hand and eye coordination

The basic skills of throwing and catching a ball that you and I take for granted weren’t’ just instantly given to us, it was a learned skill we developed over time through sports and playing with our friends, so it’s essential your kids do the same.

Muscle development

If your kids aren’t out playing or doing physical activities and are just sitting around playing on their electronic devices, they’re not giving their body’s the exercise they need to grow and develop essential muscles.

It can be hard to get your child or children to participate in activities that promote these benefits so how do you get them excited and willing to engage in physical activities?

The answer to this is simple, bring them down to Illawarra Inflatable Play Centre where they can run around, climb and play to their heart’s content, and they won’t see it as physical development, but this is precisely what we provide here.

At the Inflatable Play Centre, we have everything that a child could want in our inflatable kingdom with things such as towering slides, an obstacle course, bounce houses and much more.

Your child will use all their bottled up energy and get a workout in the process which will help in their muscle development as well as their hand and eye coordination skills, plus it’s a great place to make new and lasting friendships.

Although we cater for parties, we also allow general admission for 2 hours and if your child is 5 years and over it’s only $15:00, plus we have an onsite café where you can have a nice cup of coffee and catch up on some work or just relax as your child has the time of their lives.

For more information call us at 4275 2929

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